SainSmart Fukubukuro 2017 Unboxing

The mystery bags from SainSmart that I mentioned in my previous post arrived and we tried doing an unboxing video.  I never do this kind of thing and having the kids involved really made it unpredictable and awkward.  I wouldn’t blame anyone for skipping it and getting to the rest of the post.

The items for all three “bags” were all together in two packages, so there is no way to distinguish what was in each one.  Most things were in anti-static bags which made it difficult to show them on camera, so here is the details of what we found.

Included Items

Pure Morning Air Quality Monitor ($115.99)

IMG_20171215_210318.jpgThis device measures numerous aspects of air quality and I can’t claim to understand even half of it.  The page lists three different models and I haven’t yet figured out which one this is or what all the readings are.  I can say tell that low numbers are good and I am not surprised by the results where we live.

One thing that is curious is how it reacted running of a USB battery pack.  I used a battery so I could get a good picture away from outlets.  My battery pack has a button that doesn’t really turn it on and off, but it usually just seems to turn the level indicator lights on and off.  In this case when I hit the button, this device kept the screen on, but the values went a bit wild:


One of these days I will look into why this happens, but I don’t see it as an issue with the device.

Another thing that is curious about this item is that I am not sure why it was even in there since it was included in the hints on the premium bag and mine were all the advanced bag.  There aren’t any other items specific enough to say what happened.  Also, I have no idea what I would use it for so let me know if you have any ideas or would like it.  If I were to get something from the premium bag instead, I would have rather an oscilloscope.

ToolPAC PRO32 Smart Soldering Kit ($75 x2, $59)



This is one of the items I did hope to get since my portable soldering iron is pretty old and basic.  In this case, I got three of them (one older version with a single tip and two of the 2017 updated versions with two tips).  One of them will become my new portable setup, though I might need a different stand to fit this one.  I believe I know someone who will want one of them, so that just leaves one extra to figure out.

The temperature reading seems a bit squirrelly until it gets up to temp, but it is programmable, so maybe that can be fixed at some point.  It does get hot pretty quick though not as fast as my solder station.

3D LED Cube Kit in blue ($30)


I have wanted to build an LED cube for a while.  I probably would have build a smaller one from basic components at some point, but now I don’t have to.  This one plays music, but I am not likely to use that feature.  They also sell an acrylic case and a building template to help with construction.  I will probably 3D print a grid to help with building, but the case might be nice unless I come up with a way to build one myself.

A really cool one to build would be the AuraCube, but that is just a bit more expensive.

RGB LED Strip Kits ($27)

IMG_20171215_194551.jpgEach of these two kits comes with a 5 meter spool of waterproof LEDs, a power supply, a controller and a remote to change the colors.  These were not hinted so they were a complete surprise, but I know I can put these to use somewhere.

I have done a number of LED strip projects before, but I haven’t made the jump to RGB yet.  The one thing that has held me back has been picking out a controller that I like.  This will give me something to start with and I can figure out what I like and don’t like.

Android Mega 2560 R3 ($24)

This is one item that was hinted at that I didn’t really care was included.  Arduino boards are always useful for some project or another but it is hard to find a project that is worthy of this hardware.  I really like the idea of building a pinball machine, but I don’t know if I am ready for a project of that scope right now.

Touchscreen LCD for Raspberry Pi ($24)

Of all the items hinted at, the screens seemed like the most useful.  I would have liked the larger 8 inch screen, but I am sure I can come up with a use for a small touch capable version as well.  Now I just need to get some newer model Pis finally.

Replacement Shell for ToolPAC Soldering Iron ($14)

This one was also hinted at, but I hoped to get something more useful instead.  The only purpose I see here is to change the shell from black to blue.  Not only do I prefer the black, but I don’t think I care enough about the color that I would buy a different shell.

Non-Contact AC Voltage Detector ($14)

This tool will indicate if AC voltage is present without contact so there is no risk of causing a short or getting shocked.  I have very nearly bought one of these since I seem to come up with a use for it every couple months or so.

3D LED Christmas Tree Kits ($7 x2)


I just built two nicer versions of these (read about that here) so I am not sure what I will do with these yet.  I may use them as gifts for friends to use for soldering practice.

16×2 LCD screen for arduino ($7)

Pretty standard screen for arduino project.  I have several around, but not all of them have I2C backpacks attached.



Also in the box was a Raspberry Pi camera.  I mentioned it in the video, but I forgot at the time that I specifically ordered that and it was not part of the mystery bags.

One really strange thing was the oscilloscope probe that was included.  The only oscilloscope option was in the premium bag and I don’t see a way to get just the probe.  I think these ended up in there by accident.


Overall, the items I got total $505 in retail value.  Most of them will be useful or fun.

Piper Computer Kit – $239. Learn coding with Minecraft


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